Lime-Basil Salad

Today, after my lazy morning, I headed over to help my ex-roommate move from our old apartment to her new place...Y'all her new place should be on MTV Cribs (is that still a show?) I mean, DANG it's beautiful. It made me think, Ok now if I won the lottery then I'd totally get an apartment like this. Maybe use it as a secret get-away spot for me to wear PJs all day, watch chick flicks, eat snack food, and blog about how fabulous my apartment was. Too crazy? Maybe so... BUT it could happen because I do play the Lotto every once and awhile!
The Anthony and I once won $50, which we spent on candy and snowcones! 

I wanted something really fresh for lunch and made a delicious Lime-Basil Salad. Basically it consisted of what was available!
Maple Grove has a Fat Free, Low Calorie, Lime Basil Dressing that is fantastic. It is light and extremely versatile. It is great on salads, meat, beans, and basically is a miracle dressing in my book!

Today's Bowl consisted of:
Tomato, cucumber, yellow onion, avocado, garbanzo beans, fresh cilantro, and AMAZING Lime-Basil Salad dressing.

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