Monday organization.

Monday I spent the day tackling this monster called the closet. Boy, unpacking is such a job! Anthony and I have a massive closet that we share (it's the size of a dorm room single!). 
Right now it looks extremely unorganized, as you can see. I basically unpacked everything and threw it on the shelves and on hangers so that the maid wouldn't have a heart attack when walking there. 
Unpacking seems to be taking forever but I am excited to get it in order. I have so much space!! It does seem to fill up though with my truckloads of clothes. (That's what I get for being a fashion major and living so dang close to Marshalls!)
Luckily, I am an OR-GAN-IZER. It comes with being OCD. I always complain about having OCD but in some aspects it can benefit, like the closet! I have always had a clean, organized closet and this one is about to be that way.
I have a few things that help me conquer the disorder:
1. Section off the closet:
Keep things in their own areas. I don't allow tshirts and shorts to mix, no bras and sweats to mingle, basically if everything has an area then it won't go missing!
2. Use hooks:
It is such a pain to always have to fold something that you use a lot. This is the case with my pjs. I tend to wear Anthony's big tshirts and old large gym shorts. I also don't see the need to constantly fold them, so instead I use a wall hook were they can hang conveniently, ready for the next lazy moment! Also it's great for my comfy, sweatshirt that I wear at home.
3. Baskets:
I am a basket-aholic. It is wonderful method for me to toss my bathing suits, bras, underwear, and socks in their own baskets. This is also perfect for all of my workout spandex. Baskets keeps all of my stuff hidden and organized, no one wants to see my panties all the time!
4. Throw it out:
I have never been attached to things. People generally get mad with me when I have no problem throwing out things that are sentimental to others. Now I love clothes and have a TON, but in general, all of the stuff in my closet gets used. Those that do not are quickly thrown out the door; no hanger moochers in this closet!
5. Keep order and enjoy the closet:
Once my closet is organized, then you better believe that it will stay that way. I can't tell you how wonderful it feels to be clutter free! 
On that note, I am off to unpack and get this closet in tip-top shape! Pictures to come!!!!

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