A new start.

Today marks the first step: my lease in Austin officially ran out for my beautiful apartment. This room has been my haven for the past few years. I have loved living in Austin. It has helped me become the person that I am. Isn't it strange how a city can change a person? The mood of Austin is so vibrant, I like to think that my intensity fits perfectly in this place! I have been so blessed to have lived here.
I am officially homeless!! (Well technically I am staying at my friend Marie's until my classes are finished in a week)
 I have been trying to reduce the amount of "Stuff" I have. I am a HUGE fashion junkie. I love clothes (especially cute clothes that I find from my favorite place, Marshalls). BUT I was really trying to give a lot away. I was able to give away 4 huge trash bags of clothes to Goodwill.

I have moved so many times in my life and the things I have found the most helpful:

1. Downsize: Always give things away when you move. It is the best possible time to help compact your life. Do you really need those skirts that never seem to zip up? The cords to the cell phone you had 3 years ago? or the set of sheets that you NEVER use? Nope, nope, and nope! Moving marks a new beginning, leave those silly things behind!

2. Organize: This is HUGE. The best thing to do is make lists. Don't leave organizing for when you get there, do it now. It is so wonderful to have everything already together before you start to unpack.

3. Bins: I love plastic bins. It has been an amazing tool for me to have all my winter clothes in bins already so that when I move I can avoid unpacking them. Instead they get put up on the top of the closet and aren't touched until that first cold front comes in!

4. Stages: The best moves are done in stages. This means packing the closet on Tuesday, the bathroom on Wednesday, the armoire and drawers on Thursday, and having everything ready for the weekend moving!

5. Conveniently Stash the Favs: Keeping my pillow, blanket, pjs, and a change of clothes are riding with me on the move. I make sure I have prepared a few essentials separate so that I don't have to stress when I get there. 

Ekkkk moving to Houston is getting so real for me! Houston bound on Saturday- expect me to look like a mess as I drive there, crying all the way on highway 290.

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