Boneyard Bar

Much of our weekend was spend at an amazing new bar (new to us) here in Houston called Boneyard Drinkery. It is a bar that is also a dog park- yes you heard correct: an awesome dog park that happens to be a bar!! Michael, Anthony, and I took the two three dogs down there for the afternoon. 
First let me say that I love dog people!! We met a sweet couple, in their thirties, and shared both a picnic table and lots of stories with. Actually we shared the entire Monday afternoon with them. She was an aggie, he was an LSU fan, they had no kids, loved their dogs, made crude jokes, loved to talk with us about beer and hunting, and were a lot of fun. 

I loved how we were able to make friends today. Anthony and I are very social people so we tend to make friends where we go. This couple was a lot of fun and their little boston terrier/ daschund was adorable.  

Anthony and I love dogs. We love our "fur children". It is such a joy to have the love of a dog. They bring a smile to my face every morning. 

Anyways, tomorrow I start the new internship. Today I frantically went over to my parents house to hem some pants for tomorrow. After my sewing machine messing up (mom came to the rescue), the pants being difficult (mom again helped me slow down and get the pants finished), and me completely butchering a recipe for sugar cookies, my mom sent me home to nap. I have been really nervous and a total mess (my specialty). I am praying that God takes care of me and really shows me the way. I am going to do my best and maybe tomorrow will be the start of something amazing- fingers crossed!! :)


  1. We've been wanting to try out that bar- maybe now that the weather is cooler! Good luck today!

  2. I haven't heard of this place! I must go there soon!!!

  3. We had a good time there a couple months ago!

  4. I've never been to boneyard but I've always heard great things! Glad y'all had fun :) Good luck today on your new internship!

  5. Y'all Boneyard is the best!!! It's so much fun.