Facebook Ordeal.

Last night was the FIRST TIME that Anthony and I have gone to bed on unsettled terms. I am horrified to do this, I have a huge fear of dying, regret, and being in unsettled relationships.
It all began last night on the couch. Anthony was going on the laptop and the internet was opened up to my facebook page. 
I was snuggled on him so I said something like "look a picture of us! it's a pretty great profile pic if I may say so!!". Anthony took this entirely the wrong way and thought I was saying that because I was upset that his profile picture is not of us. Neither of us are religious FB users and his picture really hasn't been of us except maybe 2 times. I really don't care. At first it annoyed me that he still had some old girlfriend pics on FB when we first started getting serious but honestly I don't care now because everyone knows we have been together for a long time. 
It was really weird how he reacted. I don't understand where the argument came from or why it even arose. It wasn't heated, but definitely uncomfortable. We were completely meaning 2 different things!

I know this was dumb, but we went to bed on weird terms. I hate that. Is facebook seriously a reason to go to sleep mad?! haha 


  1. no offense but yes. it is dumb to go to sleep mad because of FB. I know people who break up because of something on FB ... FB is taking over our lives!! I hope you guys get back on good terms!! :)

  2. No it was completely ridiculous!!! I think we just misunderstood the other person, we both got in a funk and then we were both too dang tired to deal with it. This morning we woke up and realized how pathetic the whole thing was.. but dang, going to bed in a funk is NEVER ok in my book!