Lazy Nights and Active Mornings

Last night Anthony and I were planning to go out dancing and hangout at the bars. WELLLLLL after finding out that none of our friends were going out annnnnd getting sucked into watching the exciting Baylor vs. TCU game, we decided to stay in. 
Anthony kept true to his man diet of chicken fingers and homemade french fries (the boy is a phenomenal cook and can make anything). I kept it light with a dinner of snacks: crackers, spinach salad, fruit, and jello! We were totally low key! It's great to have nights where we just snack. 

We snuggled in the living room watching Baylor upset TCU. SHOCKING!!  It was such an awesome game! Go Big 12! It got me so pumped for Longhorn football- Hook Em Horns :)

This morning I woke up at 7am for a 6 mile run at Memorial Park. IT WAS 77 DEGREES!!! Heck yes! Bring on the fall weather. I loved it: the mix of the weather, the huge group of people, and the feeling of accomplishment I get with morning runs. Plus I was totally rocking the University of Texas baseball hat and my black racerback tank top that has a huge longhorn on the back. :) 

I have been running without music lately and have loved it. On my long runs Anthony comes with and rides his bike so we talk the entire time (kind of like free couple's therapy!). Then on short runs, that I do alone, I take the time to think and enjoy time away from everything. I have really been missing my Austin lake trails but have found some great places in Houston to run. 


  1. I ran without music at Memorial yesterday morning too. It's a phenomenal feeling, the buzz of runners there is awesome!