Thursdays mark the end of my work week. It marks the end of my 4 day routine of waking up at 6am, walking dogs with Anthony, feeding dogs, putting on makeup, going upstairs with my oatmeal mix with apples and raisins, getting on the computer and catching up, and then out the door by 7:30. Then work work work until 6:30-7pm.
I am loving working with all of our patients!
Work can be slooooooow & the clinic is COLD!

After work I went straight to the new YMCA. I am getting into the routine of going straight from work and letting it be my tv time (I never get to watch my girl-trash-tv at our house!). I was able to get a treadmill run in for 4 miles while watching the most ridiculous show, Sister Wives.

This thursday marks the day before I leave for CHI-TOWN!! wahoooo.

I am so excited to go to Chicago. I miss my UT bestie Marika. My life has been missing something without her around. 


  1. Have fun in Chicago! I went a few years ago and loved it- can't wait to go back some day.

  2. Thanks girl!! I am so excited :)